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May 6, 2022 by LO CARE


In celebration of Mother’s Day we’ve asked mothers that inspire us how motherhood has changed them, their beauty routines and hopes for the future.

Last one up. Our founder Rosa Polak, who has exciting news to share: she’s pregnant with her second child. Rosa lives with her family in the centre of Amsterdam, in the most photographed block of the city, overlooking the Damrak and Central Station.

A lot has happened the past months, with LO suddenly needing to leave the office. How has that affected things?
Yes, it was a big change, I loved that place. But in the end things turned out for the better. With our lab moving to Bergen NH, I’m closer to my parents and in-laws, and my daughter Loa to her grandparents. While I oversee lab productions one or two days a week, they enjoy their time together. And when I’m done and she’s had her nap, we go to the beach that’s close by. She absolutely loves it there! All she does is run into the sea and scream with excitement, not bothered in any way by the cold water. We call her our little Wim Hof, haha.

So yeah, it initially was a setback, but there’s enough silver lining that came with it.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, is it in any way different this time around?
Oh yes, very different. While being pregnant with Loa I was pretty fit and worked up until the day I gave birth. That was a bit too much, in hindsight. This pregnancy has taught me to slow down and I had to accept that it’s not possible to keep pushing my boundaries.
Last year has been pretty nonstop, and work was a big part of that. Now I’m trying to shift priorities a bit, balance things out more. I also realize I’m happier now.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being a mother?
Patience, perspective and time management.

Do you have any favorite self-care practices that you swear by?
I love to take a long bath with a selfmade facemask while watching guilty pleasures. I have chronic back pains and whenever I feel my back flare up, I take a long bath with powdered oats and light some essential oils in a candle diffuser. It always helps. Right now I’m really into mixing bergamot, eucalyptus and peppermint – a scent mix that is both relaxing and uplifting. For my masks I like to blend honey and raw cacao, sometimes I add powdered oats, pre-biotics or a zinc capsule, depending on what my skin needs at the moment.

What is your skin and makeup routine like on a day-to-day basis?
For me less is definitely more. I’m not into 12 step routines and like to keep it as minimal and natural as possible. I clean my face with pure raw honey in the shower every morning. Honey is antibacterial and has humectant properties, meaning it attracts water to keep your skin plump and supple. After I press a face oil into my damp skin and that’s it.

Most days I don’t wear any makeup, but I always feel better when I do. A little bit of LOLO on my lips & cheeks and LEXI as a highlight does make a difference. Right now I’m also testing new mineral foundations/powders for LO. I’m really excited to expand our collection with mineral foundations. Hopefully we can launch them in 2023.

How do you define beauty?
For me beauty is energy. How someone carries themselves and how they treat other people – especially people that are less fortunate. I think it says a lot about a person and can be really attractive when done right.

What do you want to pass on to the next generation?
Don’t compare yourself to others, only compare yourself to your previous self. Oh, and don’t buy things you don’t need. Save for something you really love and spend your money on brands you fully support.

What do you hope for the future?
That we find a new system for our capitalism, a more sustainable one. The pandemic has shown us that companies who were able to pay their insane profits to shareholders before, all of a sudden needed government support for their workers. I don’t think this profit focussed strategy is a healthy system and it needs to change. I really hope the next generation does things different and finds a more durable sustainable system.