LO CARE is about simplicity. A less is more approach. In ingredients and packaging.

Our handmade products are easy-to-use, impossible to mess up and beautiful enough to put on display.

Healthy Lips

Our formula is creamy and moisturises with non-irritating all-natural ingredients. Leaving your lips soft, supple and plump.

Natural Look

For an effortless flush of colour without looking like you overdid it. The colour smoothly blends into your skin, slowly fades from your lips and doesn’t leave ugly lines.


One product, multiple uses. Our tinted balms are suitable for lips, cheeks & eyes. Multi-Use products are a great way to simplify your routine, buy less and reduce waste.

Plastic-Free Packaging

120 billion cosmetic waste is created each year. 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after one use — only 14% ends up in landfill. Our product is plastic-free, reusable and recyclable.


If your LO packaging is still in good condition, we offer the option to refill. You will receive a new product of choice in your own packaging.